Editing Services

I am offering editing and critiquing services for select YA and Adult Fiction. My specialty is fantasy.


I am graduated in Social Communication and Journalism in the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj). I have worked as editor-in-chief of a literary magazine since 2014.


For full MS, I offer full developmental edits and sensitivity reading, and can also offer beta reading services for works in progress.


I reserve the right to decline an inquiry for any reason.


If you’re a selfpublished author, ask me about discounts!

Developmental Editing

Focus on structural problems as well as plot and character development. I do not offer line editing. My analisys will include flow, worldbuilding, character arc and characterization and pacing. You will get a detailed editorial letter after a full read of the manuscript.

Sensitivity Reading

I work specifically with Latinx representation (focusing on Brazil), asexuality, aromanticism, polyamory and mental illness (anxiety). This includes detailed explanations of possible hamful representation and suggestions on what might improve the work.


Disclaimer: Sensitivity reading does not equal endorsement. What a writer does with my notes is out of my hands and is not a guarantee the problems found were dealt with.

Contact Info

Please send all inquiries to contato@maybarros.com

Make sure to include a title, genre and word count of your work, as well as a brief indication of what you’re expecting and what you think would be the style of critiquing and editing most helpful to you.

Payment via Paypal.

Thank you for considering me to work with you.