Short Stories

The cover of Journey Home shows Amara, a fat witch with long brown hair with a concerned expression, flying on a broom after Luiza, a skinny witch with short ginger hair, who is on the background with a mischievous grin flying in a skate-broom. The background shows two planets.

Amara e Luiza are two witches in a queerplatonic relationship. When Luiza decides to embark on a journey throught the galaxy in search for the lost fortress of Laura, the Dragon Queen, she ends up finding more than she bargained for, while Amara follows her footsteps hoping it’s not too late.


Genre: Short story, Science Fantasy, LGBTQIA+

Cover: Renata Nolasco

Status: Published

Ebook: Universal Link | | Ko-fi

Golden Hue (2020)

Cover for Golden Hue. Half of a woman's face, white latina with dark eyes and dark hair. She's enveloped by golden light and the skin around her eyes shines golden, like glitter.

Bianca can heal and uses her powers in service of the people of Olinda, a place under the protection of the Great Barrier. When Malu is brought into her care, she has the chance to get answers about the outside world.


With the help of her girlfriend, Catarina, she will face the Wilds and the three of them will learn that the things they needed weren’t as far away as they thought.


Genre: Short story, Fantasy, LGBTQIA+

Status: Published

The Keeper of Magic (2018)


Giovana can finally step through the door, but the magic world she grew up knowing needs help as she finds it empty. Now it’s up to her to figure out how to bring everyone back.


Genre: Short story, Fantasy, Portal Fantasy

Status: Published

Cover for Favorite. The title is against a simple leafy pattern.

Favorite (2018)

Camila only wanted to escape the heat and spend the day with her friend, Aline. But the friend had other plans and Camila, being aromantic, needs to make a choice.


Genre: Short story, Contemporary, LGBTQIA+

Status: Published

Cover for Crystalline. An out of focus brown skinned woman holding a glowing crystal ball.

Crystalline (2018)

When Michelle gets a letter from the grandmother she just lost with the keys to her farm hotel and a request to protect a magic artifact, she has to choose if she’ll follow in her grandmother’s footsteps or make her own path


Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Low Fantasy

Status: Published