Naive Star Publications


Setealém: The Seventh Beyond is a game about staying sane in a hostile environment, stripped of all familiar comforts and using every available resource to increase your odds of survival. Despite all of this, it should be an adventure full of danger, mystery and wonder, as the characters discover the secrets of the deep forest, deal with tribes of spirits both friendly and hostile and meet and interact with creatures of local legend and folklore, adapted to your adventure by you and the players.


Saudade is a map-drawing narrative game to be played solo or with friends. It is about finding value in a past altered by time. The word Saudade is portuguese for a feeling of deep longing for something, it is to miss intensely, but it is most often than not a positive feeling, the certainty that what is no longer here will always be with us.

Witch's Workshop

The city of Jarandara is used to magic, it’s an integral part of everyday life. And thanks to the nearby dungeon, the witches that work in the city are never short of supplies for their crafty magic.

This is a 2 to 4 players turn-based game where you are rival witches running magic shops on the town square. The goal is to earn the most money in a set time frame.

Rise Up Save the World

This is a Create-Your-Own-Story game that represents a mahou shoujo (Magical Girl) style anime. The game is played through the four seasons of the year, creating stories for each “episode” and building each of your character’s powers and personalities and finally fight the main antagonist in Winter.

In the Land of Dragons and Heroes

Play as a dragon (or as a hero) and navigate the scenarios using either you heart or your mind as you tell your story.

This is a GM-less game that supports soloplay but can be played with friends.

Ciranda, Cirandinha

Ciranda, Cirandinha é um livro dedicado a cenários sobrenaturais baseados em cantigas de ninar clássicas da cultura brasileira para serem usados em jogos narrativos. Não há nenhum sistema de regras nesse livro, de forma que cada cenário pode ser adaptado pelo Mestre da forma como melhor encaixar no que o grupo espera de um jogo de suspense e horror.