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    [ Saudade ] Solo Playthrough

    I promissed I’d turn my actual play thread of my game Saudade on twitter into a post here, so here I am! Before I do that, though, a few things: Saudade is part of the #IndOfTheYear bundle. It’s a narrative map-making game that can about finding things changed from a past long lost. The bundle has 3 tiers ($10, $25 and $50) with 25 games and you can buy on Itch.io! I used @JulianKJarboe‘s Virtual Card Oracle as my deck of cards and Paint Tool SAI as my  drawing program for the map and notes. You can use an actual deck of cards if you have that available and whatever you…

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    Ind Of The Year Bundle

    To those not aware, I also make games! And one of my games is featured in these indie bundle a few of us indie devs put together to end 2020 with some positivity.   The game I made is Saudade: a map-making narrative game about coming back to a past that no longer exists and finding comfort in the knowledge that it happened. It’s a cozy game, with no threats. The goal is to discover what changed and what remains and decide to either be a part of the new or continue journeying through the cosmos. I’ve recently played on my own (solo-play o/) on Twitter. I’ll turn it into…