An anthology about moving in, moving out and moving on

This is an anthology about moving in, moving out, and moving on. It features friendly (and smug) ghosts, people overcoming their fears, giant robots, bitter falling outs, people taking the leap, people coming back home, ever-changing family dynamics, love at unlikely dimensions and planets, and, of course, humor.

Uma antologia editada por Gabriela Martins, com capa por Mayara Barros, e contos de Adiba Jaigirdar, Ashia Monet, Dorinna Bermudez, Gabriela Martins, June CL Tan, Katie Zhao, Lyla Lee, Mayara Barros, Ruth Torres e Sofia Soter

Gênero: Antologia

Idioma: Inglês

Status: Publicado

Ebook: Amazon